Chad Quist PA-C, MBA


Chad A. Quist is a Licensed Physician Assistant with over twelve years of clinical experience in the fields of Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine, Psychiatry, and most recently Neurology. He actively works on team integration, communication, and healthy system dynamics. After obtaining his MBA, Chad has incorporated his skills within the fields of healthcare and business by serving numerous organizations and boards. He currently is active within the Vermeer family governance, and provides a unique perspective as an in-law. Chad enjoys family time with his spouse and three children, church, the outdoors, and college football.

Heidi Vermeer-Quist, Psy.D.


Dr. Heidi Vermeer-Quist is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist & the Ownership Council Chair of Vermeer Corporation. She has provided psychological assessment and psychotherapy to people struggling with a variety of mental health and relational problems for 15 years. Heidi actively teaches therapeutic and community classes that incorporate stress management skills, spiritual disciplines, and healthy communication/team building. At Vermeer Corporation, Heidi has developed and currently facilitates the Ownership Council. She works closely with leaders of the Vermeer family and business to ensure healthy communication, alignment of goals, and growth of all persons involved. Heidi is also a musician. She enjoys singing primarily in church settings. Heidi enjoys family time with Chad and their three children and learning to participate in the joy of each God given moment.


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